The Global Handle Registry (GHR) was created by Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI) in Reston, Virginia, USA, which operated it as the sole administrator from 1993 – 2015. In 2014, CNRI transferred responsibility for the GHR to a new foundation in Geneva, Switzerland, called the DONA Foundation (DONA), which asked CNRI to continue to operate the GHR as the single administrator under the auspices of DONA. This authority lasted until December 9, 2015 at which time a multi-primary administration approach was adopted in which several independent organizations were authorized by DONA to provide primary administration services as part of the GHR. Each of these Multi-Primary Administrators (MPAs) is credentialed by DONA and operates under the overall administration of DONA.

The DONA Foundation has approved and credentialed the following organizations as Multi-Primary Administrators of the GHR:

Last update 06 April 2018