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The DONA Foundation is a non-profit organization established in Geneva, Switzerland.

About DONA

About DONA

In the late 2000s, following the many years of discussion about “Internet Governance,” it was clear that a system for managing information in digital form that was rooted in the U.S. would have limited global acceptance. Specifically, many countries and organizations interested in developing and deploying components of the Digital Object Architecture (DOA), including in particular the identifier/resolution mechanism were basically reluctant to do so. It was subsequently determined that such an information system rooted in a neutral forum would be a good alternative; and Geneva was selected for that purpose.  This led to the founding by Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI) of the DONA Foundation (DONA) in Geneva, Switzerland.

The DONA Foundation (DONA) was constituted as a non-profit organization in Geneva, Switzerland on January 20, 2014. It is subject to the supervision of the Swiss Federal Authority for the Supervision of Foundations. Except for this regulatory supervision, DONA is not subject to any instructions, supervision or control of any other authority, and it is free from instructions, supervision or control of any foreign authority.

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C/O Universitée de Genève,
Rue du Général-Dufour,
24 1204 Genève,