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The DONA Foundation is a non-profit organization established in Geneva, Switzerland.

Specs & Software Documents

Specs & Software Documents

Digital Object Interface Protocol Version 2.0

The Digital Object Interface Protocol (DOIP) version 2.0 specifies a standard way for clients to interact with digital objects (DOs). It is assumed that such DOs are managed by DO Services, which we often refer to as DOIP services in this document, and that the protocol implementation is part of those services. In this context, a DOIP service itself is considered a digital object. By its very nature, a protocol is intended for enabling interaction between one or more other entities running the protocol and thus, in general, to support a specific form of process-to-process interaction in a network environment.

DOIP SDK v2 - Java Version - Overview

The DOIP Software Development Kit version 2 is intended to be used by Java developers to associate a DOIP version 2 interface to their system of choice. DOIP interface might be associated with Data Repositories and Metadata Registries, among other information systems.