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The DONA Foundation is a non-profit organization established in Geneva, Switzerland.

Specifications and Reference Software


The Digital Object Architecture (DOA) supports information management more generally than just conveying information, in digital form, from one location to another in the Internet or other computational facilities. It is an architecture that enables interoperability across participating information systems. The DOA specifies a data model, three core components, and two protocols.

The specification of the two DOA protocols, the Digital Object Interface Protocol (DOIP) and the Digital Object Identifier and Resolution Protocol (DO-IRP), are discussed below. 


Digital Object Interface Protocol (DOIP)

The Digital Object Interface Protocol (DOIP) is a simple, but powerful, conceptual protocol for software applications (“clients”) interacting with “services”. Services can be either the digital objects or the information systems that manage those digital objects.

Version 2.0 of the DOIP Specification is available here

Digital Object Identifier Resolution Protocol (DO-IRP)

The Digital Object Identifier Resolution Protocol is a rapid-resolution protocol for creating, updating, deleting, and resolving identifiers that are globally managed and allotted. Each identifier is associated with an identifier record that clients can resolve in using this protocol. The protocol can also be used to administer the identifier records.

Version 3.0 of the DO-IRP Specification is available here.


Reference Software

DOIP SDK For Java (version 2.1.0)

The Digital Object Interface Protocol (DOIP) SDK for Java is made available for developers to associate the DOIP interface with various information systems. The SDK includes both server software and client software. The server software translates network requests into Java requests and Java responses into network responses. The client software provides both a transport-level client library and a high-level client library that maps more directly to the conceptual usage of the protocol.

The DOIP SDK For Java (version 2.1.0) is made available to the public under this license.

Additional details are discussed in this document. The SDK itself can be downloaded directly from here. Alternatively, the DOIP library from the SDK can be included as a dependency in a Java application via Gradle or Maven. Examples of how to include this library can be found below.


compile group: 'net.dona.doip', name: 'doip-sdk', version: '2.1.0'