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The DONA Foundation is a non-profit organization established in Geneva, Switzerland.

Dr. Ulrich Schwardmann

Dr. Ulrich Schwardmann
Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung mbH (GWDG)
Göttingen, Germany

Ulrich Schwardmann was one of the founders of the ePIC Persistent Identifier Consortium for eResearch in 2014 and is chair of the ePIC Management Board. He was responsible for the Quality of Service strategy of ePIC and currently he is enforcing the standardization and use of PID Information Types and profiles. Ulrich has been involved in several RDA working groups since its foundation, and was involved in topics and outcomes directly related to the Digital Object Architecture. He implemented a hierarchical approach for data types on top of the ePIC DataTypeRegistry (DTR) and he is working on a standardization process for DTRs in ISO-SC32 WG2. Ulrich is DONA-MPA delegate for GWDG. He has a degree in mathematics, has a long lasting background in parallel and high performance computing and lead the data management activities of GWDG.