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The DONA Foundation is a non-profit organization established in Geneva, Switzerland.

Mr. Xihui Zhen

Mr. Xihui Zhen
Content Digital Innovation Technology Co.,Ltd.
Beijing, China

Mr. Xihui Zhen is the CEO of Content Digital Innovation Technology (CDI), a software development company he founded in 2002. CDI is a member of the Coalition of Handle Services – China, the DONA Foundation’s Multi Primary Administrator (MPA) located in China. The Coalition of Handle Services – China was the first accredited MPA from the DONA Foundation. CDI primarily focusses on developing DOA based application solutions for all industries, creating DOA application tools to help others develop their own DOA based applications, as well as conducting DOA based research to help better apply the DOA technology. As one of the early adopters of DOA technology, Mr. Zhen has over 20 years of practical experience working with the DOA. Mr. Zhen holds the position of Co-Chairman and Chief Expert of the Coalition of Handle Services – China, and has been the primary global point of contact for the Coalition since its establishment in 2014. Mr. Zhen is also the Vice Chairman of the DOA Application Technology Standardization & Development (ATSD) Steering Committee where he works to promote the application of DOA technology in China and in global community.