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The DONA Foundation is a non-profit organization established in Geneva, Switzerland.

Dr. Peter Wittenburg

Dr. Peter Wittenburg
Research Data Alliance Europe (RDA EU)
Nijmegen, Netherlands

Dr. Peter Wittenburg is an Executive Director of Research Data Alliance Europe (RDA EU). He is also a member of the RDA Technical Advisory Board (TAB) and a scientific advisor of the EUDAT. He has a background in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Berlin). Previously, at the Max-Planck-Gesselshaft Institutes (MPI), he led a technical group of about 30 experts in the field of psycholinguistics. He had setup labs at the MPI to research on a variety of digital signal processing techniques, such as focusing on real time eye tracking, gesture analysis and pitch detection. He is widely known for his leadership roles in the various projects and efforts funded by the European Union.